Welcome to Eptinger

07.01.2021 14:27 Uhr

We welcome Mineralquelle Eptingen AG as our Official “Thirst Supplier”!

Matthias & Damaris Buchenhorner, Executive Board, Mineralquelle Eptingen AG
Photo: Bardh Hoxha – bardh.ch

You have already supported numerous events as an official mineral water partner. Is it the first time you are in contact with artistic gymnastics?

In the past we have supported regional gymnastics events, but such a large, international event is a highlight. We are very happy that Eptinger is part of this event. Since our mineral water has a lot of calcium and magnesium, it is also perfect for such high-performance sport.

Your mineral water is produced from regional Eptinger sources – what is the source of your company’s success?

Eptinger is the Swiss mineral water with the most minerals. As people are paying more and more attention to health, our mineral water fits in well there. In addition, we have managed to reinvent ourselves despite our more than 120-year company history. Today, we have a modern and fresh brand in Eptinger.

Eptinger mineral water is the Swiss mineral water with the most minerals. In what way are the minerals important for the athletes?

Minerals are very important for the functioning of the body, as well as regeneration after sports or even after a long night. And so this is relevant not only for top athletes, but for any health-conscious person. Everyone drinks several liters a day and we should also look more closely there, not only on our nutrition.

What are your expectations for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships?

Highest artistic gymnastics quality will be shown in any case, that is out of question. On the one hand, we believe that the European Championships will offer exciting moments and fascinate us. On the other hand, we hope that the European Championships will make us forget the current difficult times and captivate us. We are looking forward to that!

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