Welcome Hotel Stücki!

23.04.2021 10:32 Uhr

Welcome Hotel Stücki!

Four questions to deputy hotel manager Nicole Mendoza and hotel manager Beat Gerber from Hotel Stücki.

Hotel Stücki Nicole Mendoza und Beat Gerber
Nicole Mendoza und Beat Gerber,
deputy hotel manager und hotel manager, Hotel Stücki
Photo: Bardh Hoxha – bardh.ch

Four questions to deputy hotel manager Nicole Mendoza and hotel manager Beat Gerber from Hotel Stücki.

The European Artistic Gymnastics Championships Basel 2021 have started. How is it for you, full hotel under strict Corona security measures?

It is a big moment for us that this great event can be held. After more than a year of Corona, it is a big pleasure for our staff and us to finally be able to welcome and treat guests from all over Europe again.

What does your daily routine look like?

The day starts at 6.00 a.m. so that our breakfast buffets are ready for our guests on time. Between 7 and 7.30 a.m. ‘the hotel’ wakes up and the more than one hundred guests in the house naturally want to start the day stress-free and refreshed. Then the first buses arrive for the transport to St. Jakobshalle. We now have time to prepare all the rooms for the next day. There is a lot to clean, set up and disinfect everywhere. In the evening, when everyone comes back from the hall, one or the other is still hungry, thirsty or has some other need.

What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenges are to implement the strict Corona requirements of the Confederation, the Kanton Basel-Stadt and the Swiss Federation. We cater for the individual delegations in five different rooms so that the groups do not mix. Even on the floors, the delegations are separated from each other so that they all move in their own ‘bubble’ as much as possible. The main goal is that no one gets infected and that both athletes and the whole entourage feel safe. But all our guests are very understanding of the strict rules we have to enforce and they follow them.

What was the best moment during this European Championships week?

When the first delegations arrived and the hotel really came to life.

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