Russian gymnasts dominate qualification

21.04.2021 23:57 Uhr

Russian gymnasts dominate qualification

Three Russians dominate the qualification for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships Basel 2021. Angelina Melnikova wins with 55.991 points ahead of her team mates Viktoriia Listunova and Vladislava Urazova. Giulia Steingruber comes tenth in the all-around at her home European Championships and qualifies for the apparatus finals on vault and floor.

Winner of the qualification is also the Romanian Larisa Iordache, who secures the last Olympic ticket with the fourth place. The other ticket goes to Listunova. Iordache moves up, as these qualifications are possible for two gymnasts from different countries. The Russian team is already qualified for Tokyo anyway. For Iordache, this marks the end of a long period of suffering: since the 2017 World Championships, she has been constantly struggling with injuries.

Good medal chance for Steingruber

Steingruber achieved the third-best score of all gymnasts on vault at her home European Championships. The medal decision on Saturday will most likely go through Great Britain’s Jessica Gadirova, Melnikova and Steingruber: after the three gymnasts who are within 0.067 points, there is a gap of more than half a point. However, the cards will be reshuffled again in the finals and all gymnasts will start with zero points. Steingruber enters the final on floor in sixth place.

Melnikova, World Championship bronze medallist in Stuttgart 2019 in the all-around, is now also favourite in Friday’s final, especially as she still has potential for improvement after a mistake on the balance beam. The 21-year-old is also in the apparatus finals on vault, uneven bars and floor: On uneven bars and floor with the highest score of the day, on vault only the young Briton Gadirova is better than Melnikova. The qualification on balance beam was won by Larisa Iordache from Romania, just ahead of Olympic champion Sanne Wevers (Netherlands) and Amelie Morgan (Great Britain).

Ferrari in two finals

Urazova led after the first subdivision and was only caught up by her teammates at the end of the day. Bitter for the 16-year-old: Since only two gymnasts from one nation can qualify for a final, Urazova will have to watch the all-around final on Friday. On uneven bars, the three-time junior world champion Listunova was left behind: Melnikova, Urazova and Germany’s Elisabeth Seitz score more points than the 15-year-old in fourth place during her first competition in her first senior year. Listunova have to watch the final on Saturday due to two-per-country rule.

Vanessa Ferrari also celebrated a successful comeback: she finished 7th in the all-around and entered the floor final in fourth place.

Top 10 all-around
  1. Angelina MELNIKOVA (RUS) 55.991
  2. Viktoriya LISTUNOVA (RUS) 55.465
  3. Vladislava URAZOVA (RUS) (55.299)*
  4. Larisa IORDACHE (ROU) 54.698
  5. Martina MAGGIO (ITA) 54.398
  6. Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 54.032
  7. Vanessa FERRARI (ITA) 53.765
  8. Jessica GADIROVA (GBR) 53.699
  9. Carolann HEDUIT (FRA) 53.599
  10. Giulia STEINGRUBER (SUI) 53.299

* doesn’t advance to the all-around final due to the two-per-country rule

Qualified to apparatus finals:

  1. Jessica GADIROVA (GBR) 14.516
  2. Angelina MELNIKOVA (RUS) 14.450
  3. Giulia STEINGRUBER (SUI) 14.449
  4. Marina NEKRASOVA (AZE) 13.983
  5. Csenge Maria BACSKAY (HUN) 13.766
  6. Anastasiya MOTAK (UKR) 13.716
  7. Tjasa KYSSELEF (SLO) 13.633
  8. Sara PETER (HUN) 13.566
Uneven bars
  1. Angelina MELNIKOVA (RUS) 14.625
  2. Vladislava URAZOVA (RUS) 14.500
  3. Elisabeth SEITZ (GER) 14.233
  4. Filipa MARTINS (POR) 14.166
  5. Jonna ADLERTEG (SWE) 14.000
  6. Giorgia VILLA (ITA) 13.966
  7. Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 13.966
  8. Alice D’AMATO (ITA) 13.966
Balance beam
  1. Larisa Andreea IORDACHE (ROU) 13.466
  2. Sanne WEVERS (NED) 13.433
  3. Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 13.433
  4. Lieke WEVERS (NED) 13.400
  5. Martina MAGGIO (ITA) 13.366
  6. Mélanie DE JESUS DOS SANTOS (FRA) 13.366
  7. Elina VIHROVA (LAT) 13.233
  8. Marine BOYER (FRA) 13.233
  1. Angelina MELNIKOVA (RUS) 14.300
  2. Viktoriya LISTUNOVA (RUS) 14.033
  3. Jessica GADIROVA (GBR) 13.866
  4. Vanessa FERRARI (ITA) 13.633
  5. Giulia STEINGRUBER (SUI) 13.466
  6. Larisa IORDACHE (ROU) 13.400
  7. Martina MAGGIO (ITA) 13.333
  8. Kim BUI (GER) 13.333

Complete results:

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