Our Corporate Design

08.06.2020 15:00 Uhr

With the commission to hold the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Basel in the St. Jakobshalle, we dared to take a new and fresh look at this fascinating sports discipline. Gymnastics has many exciting facets, which have been incorporated into the development of our corporate design and branding. The result is a visual language that measures up to this highly aesthetic, fast and powerful sport. A brief, dynamic moment in time, barely perceptible to the eye, was brought into focus. We would like to thank photographer Tom Hegen for his incredibly beautiful stroboscopic-effect shots and graphic designer Pascal Schärli for the tailor-made graphic concept and its grandiose implementation!

«Movement, dynamic and strength are the three key components in gymnastics.»

Tom Hegen

«The aim was to capture the precision, elegance and dynamics of artistic gymnastics and to make them visible and perceptible at a glance.»

Pascal Schärli

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