Nagornyy clearly in front – Brägger strong

22.04.2021 23:32 Uhr

Three Russians also landed in the top three places in the men’s competition: World champion Nikita Nagornyy wins the qualification for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships Basel 2021 ahead of his compatriots David Belyavskiy and Aleksandr Kartsev.

Behind them are Ahmet Onder and Adem Asil, two gymnasts from Turkey. With Pablo Brägger, a Swiss gymnast is far ahead in the results list. The Russian Kirill Prokopev in eighth place cannot take part in the all-around final, just like Kartsev, because only two gymnasts per nation can compete in a final. The same applies to Italy’s Lorenzo Casali in 14th place, as his team-mates Nicola Bartolini (8th place) and Stefano Patron (13th place) are ahead of him.

Kartsev won’t advance to the all-around final due to the two-per-country rule, but with his score he placed first among the eligible gymnasts to obtain a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics. However, this will depend on the World Cup series were one more competition needs to take place in Doha and where teammate Vladyslav Poliashov is currently second on parallel bars with the maximum score of 90 behind . Turkey’s Adem Asil, who finished in fourth place in the all-around, is the second eligible gymnast and is sure of his ticket to Tokyo following a stunning all-around performance to score 84.032 points. Bartolini from Italy is next in line. The FIG will officially communicate the Olympic qualifiers after the conclusion of the World Cup series.

Bad luck for Pfyl

A look at the apparatus finals shows how good Nagornyy is: The 24-year-old is represented in all apparatus finals, except for high bar where he misses the final on Sunday by a mere 0.067 points as the first reserve gymnast placing tenth in qualification. On the top apparatus, Brägger enters the high bar final in second place behind Germany’s Andreas Toba. With Italy’s Carlo Macchini in third place, Christian Baumann placed fouth in qualification. Bitter for Marco Pfyl: Despite a strong sixth place, he cannot compete on the apparatus on Sunday. And that is not all: Finishing in eighth place, Pfyl would have also qualified for the parallel bars, but here too Brägger (3rd place) and Baumann (6th place) are ahead of him. With Lukas Dauser, another German wins an apparatus qualification, Ferhat Arican from Turkey slips in between Dauser and Baumann.

Benjamin Gischard is another Swiss in an apparatus final. On floor he achieved the third best result of the day behind the Russians Prokopev and Nagornyy.

On pommel horse, Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan leads the ranking ahead of Joshua Nathan (Great Britain) and Gagik Khachikyan (Armenia).

Olympic champion Eleftherios Petrounias from Greece wins the rings qualification ahead of Vahagn Davtyan from Armenia and Salvatore Maresca from Italy.

Andrey Medvedev from Israel wins the vault qualification ahead of Nagornyy and Britain’s Giarnni Regini-Moran.

Whitlock and Zonderland miss finals

Numerous favourites were unable to qualify for the final after falling or making mistakes. The British were hit very badly: World champion and Olympic champion Max Whitlock fell on pommel horse, Joe Fraser, as World champion, missed the parallel bars final and rings Vice European champion Courtney Tulloch fell on dismount and is also not in the final.

The high bar final will take place without the European champions Epke Zonderland (Netherlands) and Robert Tvorogal (Lithuania) and 2017 World Champion Tin Srbic (Croatia).

The two veterans Cyril Tommasone (France) on pommel horse and Marian Dragulescu (Romania) on vault are also not in the finals on their favourite apparatus.

Top 10 all-around:

  1. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) – 87.097
  2. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) – 85.398
  3. Aleksandr KARTSEV (RUS) – 84.731
  4. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) – 84.131
  5. Adem ASIL (TUR) – 84.032
  6. Pablo BRAEGGER (SUI) – 82.665
  7. Kirill PROKOPEV (RUS) – 82.664
  8. Nicola BARTOLINI (ITA) – 82.157
  9. Robert TVOROGAL (LTU) – 81.831
  10. Ivan TIKHONOV (AZE) – 81.432

doesn’t advance to the all-around final due to the two-per-country rule

Qualified to apparatus finals:

Floor Exercise
  1. Kirill PROKOPEV (RUS) 15.066
  2. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 15.066
  3. Benjamin GISCHARD (SUI) 14.666
  4. Adem ASIL (TUR) 14.600
  5. Yahor SHARAMKOU (BLR) 14.566
  6. Nicola BARTOLINI (ITA) 14.558
  7. Dimitar DIMITROV (BUL) 14.533
  8. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) 14.466
Pommel horse
  1. Rhys MC CLENAGHAN (IRL) – 14.766
  2. Joshua NATHAN (GBR) – 14.533
  3. Gagik KHACHIKYAN (ARM) – 14.300
  4. Artur DAVTYAN (ARM) – 14.266
  5. Joe FRASER (GBR) – 14.166
  6. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) – 14.133
  7. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) – 14.066
  8. Illia KOVTUN (UKR) – 14.066
Still rings
  1. Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE) – 15.366
  2. Vahagn DAVTYAN (ARM) – 14.966
  3. Salvatore MARESCA (ITA) – 14.933
  4. Artur AVETISYAN (ARM) – 14.833
  5. Igor RADIVILOV (UKR) – 14.800
  6. Vinzenz HOECK (AUT) – 14.766
  7. Ibrahim COLAK (TUR) – 14.733 & Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) – 14.733
  1. Andrey MEDVEDEV (ISR) 14.666
  2. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 14.583
  3. Giarnni REGINI-MORAN (GBR) 14.583
  4. Artur DAVTYAN (ARM) 14.566
  5. Loris FRASCA (FRA) 14.550
  6. Courtney TULLOCH (GBR) 14.516
  7. Yahor SHARAMKOU (BLR) 14.483
  8. Igor RADIVILOV (UKR) 14.483
Parallel Bars
  1. Lukas DAUSER (GER) – 15.166
  2. Ferhat ARICAN (TUR) – 15.133
  3. Christian BAUMANN (SUI) – 14.933
  4. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) – 14.866
  5. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) – 14.833
  6. Pablo BRAEGGER (SUI) – 14.833
  7. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) – 14.800
  8. Illia KOVTUN (UKR) – 14.666
Horizontal Bar
  1. Andreas TOBA (GER) – 14.433
  2. Pablo BRAEGGER (SUI) – 14.100
  3. Carlo MACCHINI (ITA) – 14.066
  4. Christian BAUMANN (SUI) – 13.833
  5. Krisztian BALAZS (HUN) – 13.800
  6. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) – 13.733
  7. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) – 13.733
  8. Adem ASIL (TUR) – 13.700

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