The Team

The people behind the organizing committee

OK President

Kathrin Amacker

Basel2021 is a matter dear to my heart: Switzerland is a passionate gymnastics nation. The trinational location of Basel is a friendly host for the whole of Europe. We want to connect, move and inspire.

Managing Director

Beat Läuchli

I am looking forward to seeing top-class gymnastics in my hometown, with elite athletes from all over Europe!

Marketing, PR & Sponsoring

Andrea Schäfer

Feeling at home in Basel’s entertainment and cultural scene for over 20 years, I am now looking forward immensely to the first major international sports event that I have been privileged to help organise! For me, “art” and “gymnastics” are simply inseparable.

Andrea Schäfer

Competition & Infrastructure

Emanuel Senn

The artistic gymnastics scene is something I am greatly familiar with: as a former active artistic gymnast in the various Swiss cadres and as co-organizer of national and international competitions it is really second nature to me. I am looking forward to this new challenge of a major international event in my hometown!


Nicole Wechsler

Since my childhood I have been infatuated with movement and sport, and now I am so happy to be part of a great team helping to create an unforgettable event for artistic gymnastics, which for me is pure aesthetics combined with movement.

Project Management

Andrea Neyerlin

Fascinated by the sports city of Basel and the international gymnastics world, it is truly a great pleasure for me to be mentally and emotionally fully committed to the sports highlight that is Basel 2021!

Back Office

Danica Kunz

I am incredibly happy to be part of such a highly-motivated organization team and to be involved in co-organizing the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2021 in Basel. Together we want to offer the athletes and the audience an unforgettable time here in Basel.

Danica Kunz


Josef Huwyler

As a financial professional, I am delighted to be part of the team that is passionately committed to making this major event in Basel in 2021 an unforgettable one with international appeal.


Calvin Schmid

After completing my master’s degree in sport, I am really delighted to join right away an international sport highlight. I am already looking forward to an unforgettable event in my new home, Basel!

The Executive Board of the LOC

Kathrin Amacker (Club President), Martin Leber (Vice President, Baselbieter Turnverband), Erwin Grossenbacher (Swiss Gymnastics Federation), Thomas Rutishauser (NKL Liestal), Doris Wirth (Turnverband Basel-Stadt)